untgz - extract .tgz / .tar / .gz archives on the PC

latest release

Latest official UNTGZ version is 0.95. Don't let yourself scare by the "0.XX" version number, or the fact that it hasn't been updated for years. This is a sign of stability, not lack of maintainance.

Download via FTP from:
Finland: garbo.uwasa.fi (Garbo archive)
Germany: ftp.tu-berlin.de (SAC mirror)
Slovakia: ftp.elf.stuba.sk (SAC)

latest patches
Here are a few "unofficial" patches to UNTGZ. All patches are distributed in source code only, you'll need the appropriate compiler to use them. Also, you need the source from the official distribution archive if you wish to use the patches. Just copy the new files over the old source files included with the official version. Here are the patches:
    UNTGZ096UNOFF - unofficial release, adds -q (quiet) switch, displays warning message if Timezone environment variable is not set. Download via http

    UNTGZ095BCC5 - Slightly modified source of UNTGZ 0.95 that compiles with Borland C++ 5.x. The official version required an older version of BCC. Download via http 

    UNTGZ RU - russian version of UNTGZ. Download via http

what's untgz ?
UNTGZ is a decompression program that allows decompression of .TGZ (TAR/GZIP) files. MS-DOS, Windows NT/Windows 95 and OS/2 versions are available. UNTGZ is freeware. The complete C source code is also included. UNTGZ does not use any code from GNU tar; the tar handling routines were rewritten from scratch for better speed optimization. 
revision history

Version 0.95
New option -y (yes on all queries) 
Fixed bug that caused crc error on (very few) valid archives. 
Better handling of severely damaged archives: UNTGZ doesn't crash anymore when trying to test or extract a badly truncated archive.

 Version 0.94
Support for PKZIP-compressed TAR archives. 
Support for decompression of non-Tar gzip archives. 
New options -t (test archive) and -d (decompress only) 
Timestamp bugfix in MS-DOS and OS/2 versions. 

Version 0.93
Support for uncompressed TAR archives. Added 'rename' feature to overwrite query. Timestamp bugfix in MS-DOS versions. 

Version 0.92 was the initial release.

If you like this program, please send mail to mail@tillmann-steinbrecher.de. Bug reports and suggestions are very welcome.