SMBSpider - SMB search engine

Latest release / download
Latest official SMBSpider release is 0.9 - download it
what's SMBSpider?

SMBSpider is a fast, lightweight indexer for SMB shares in the LAN. It provides web-based search and browse functionality, as well as an optional IRC interface via eggdrop.

SMBSpider's list files are stored in a simple, standard format (ls -lR piped to a file). No database is necessary. List files are compatible with my media catalog search engine FileArchiveSearch and may be interchanged.

For details and installation instructions, see the SMBSpider README file.

revision history

Version 0.9

More robust file parser to prevent problems with different "ls -lR" output format of newer versions of "ls"

Version 0.8

Internal, never available to the public.

SMBSpider was written by Ian Hubbertz (indexer) and Tillmann Steinbrecher (search engine, eggdrop interface, support scripts, and documentation). If you like this program, please send mail to