pppcosts - ppp phone cost calculation for Linux

latest version is 0.66 

Download via HTTP from:

Europe: Source (~ 39K) / Binary Linux ELF i386 (~17K) (PS-Webhosting, Germany)
what is pppcosts? 

pppcostsis a small utility that calculates and displays the time (and phone costs) you have been online using a modem or ISDN ppp connection. The time and costs are saved, so that you can use pppcosts to keep track of you monthly phone costs. Cost files for many phone companies are included. If your phone company isn't on the list, then you can create a costfile on your own, which is very easy.

pppcosts uses hardly any system resources; CPU load and memory usage is neglectable!

which phone companies ? 

Oestereichische Telekom, Belgian Belgacom, Swiss Telecom, Swiss Sunrise, SPT Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, TeleDanmarK, Spanish Telefonica de Espana, France Telecom, Helenic Telecom (OTE A.E), Craotian Academic and Research Network, Croatian Mail and Telecomunications, Croatian Mail and Telecomunications - Internet Services, Hungarian MATAV, Italian Telekom, Japanese phone company NTT, Dutch PTT Telecom, Poland Telekom, Portugal Telecom, South African Telekom, Svedish Tele2, Slovene Telecom, British Telecom, Cambridge (UK) Telecom and more!
It is very easy to create a costfile for your own phone company. 

what's new 

Version 0.65:
Squashed bug in timecalc.
Updated pt-costs.

Version 0.64:
Removed old nl-costs.
Updated ch-costs.

Version 0.63:
Reimplemented PRICE_PER_MIN.
Added ISOLOG compiletime option.
New option -q to not write to stdout.
New nl.kpn costs file.

Version 0.62:
Segfault with syslog enabled removed.
Re-added MIN_COST implementation in uk.bt, dk, fr, se costfiles.

Version 0.61:
Moved from 0.06 to 0.6 (adapting M$ marketing strategies :-).
Set default maxtotal to 0 (no beeping on high cost).
Better Makefile dependencies

Version 0.06:
Added ISOLOG compiletime option.
New nl.kpn costs file.
Many changes and bugfixes among which:
New layout of distribution.
Loadable costs files for different telcos.
Runs on FreeBSD.
New costfiles.

Version 0.05:
Now comes with an (optional) X interface written in Tcl/Tk.
New option -s to enable signal handling (SIGTERM and SIGINT).
Uses fstat() instead of fopen() to check if online.
New costfiles, including a new and sophisticated one for the German Telekom.

Version 0.04:
This is a major update.
ISDN support with isdn4linux (finally!).
Beeps 10 seconds before a new unit starts (optional).
Code revamped to make it structured & easy to understand.
Support for price-per-minute based phone rates (common in the UK).
New "syslog" feature - pppcosts can run in background and log ppp activity to syslog. New option -t to specify log delay.
Still more phone companies supported.

Version 0.03:
New "next unit in xx:xx" display.
Option -f to allow global .pppcosts file.
Bugfix in dt-costs.c. More phone companies supported.

Version 0.02:
Initial release.

similar programs 

Another program for Linux called tcharge does about the same as pppcosts. It also has an X interface. Email boercher@physik.uni-bremen.de for info or download from ftp://theo.physik.uni-bremen.de/pub/linux/collected/ppp/ Tcharge also comes with many cost files for different phone companies; they are based on the costfiles included in pppcosts. 

suggestions? submissions? 
For suggestions, problems reports, or to submit your changes or costfiles, please contact mail@tillmann-steinbrecher.de. Of course all my programs are freeware and distributed with complete source. 

By Tillmann Steinbrecher
Using Linux since kernel version 0.94