FileArchiveSearch (FAS) - web-based CD catalog system2
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Latest official FAS release is 0.6 - download it
what's FAS?

FileArchiveSearch (FAS) is a catalog system for CD-ROMs or any other media. It lets you search for files on your CD collection. Wildcards in the search keywords are supported, as well as browsing of the CDs. FAS is written in PHP4 and works on any UNIX/Linux platform using Apache and PHP4.X.

FAS supports the following basic features:
  • Searching for a keyword in your CD archive
  • Browsing CDs (using the list file, without needing the actual CD)
  • Adding new CDs to the archive
  • Deleting CD list files from the archive.
FAS was written with the requirements of the MP3/picture/video/software collector in mind.

In addition to the media collection, local directories (e.g. your download dir or the incoming dir of a local ftp site) can be included in the search.

FAS is also useful for those who run a private media/software distribution FTP site: to allow users to do easy dupechecking before uploading, and to allow users to request stuff available only offline on CD.

For advanced features, see the FAS README file.

FAS requires apache and PHP4, but does not require any database. It is fast and has very little overhead. The CD list files are stored in a simple, standard format (ls -lR redirected to a file). You can create list files on any UNIX system, even without having FAS installed. Searching is done via shell scripts, using grep, and can easily be customized.

FAS is freeware (GNU GPL).


Here are a few screenshots of the FAS web interface:
Note that the screenshots here show only a small amount of list files. That is simply because I don't want to disclose my complete CD collection to the entire world. FAS has been tested extensively with several hundred CDs in the archive, and it still works fine and is fast.
revision history

Version 0.6

More robust file parser to prevent problems with different "ls -lR" output format of newer versions of "ls"

Version 0.5

First public release.

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